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Was this really neccesary?

Honestly, if you wanna rep the NGHH 2011, you should do it well. Otherwise we all look worse by proxy.

Smorgishmorg responds:

I wanted to include everybody's tracks but I didn't have time.

Very well tied together

The only part that actually seemed a lil off was the 4 segment (just didn't fit with the others), but everything else flowed together really well since it's all the same sort of animation style. The simplicity you use is really refreshing, like watching an old cartoon. Throwback 90s status. :D I'm going to check out some more of your work. You may very well have a new fan.
Also, just an thought: You might not get a lot of feedback on a mashup of your flash folder imho.

You killed Orange Clock?

Luckily, nobody TRULY cares for citrus fruit anyhow.

The art was amazing, and the story line was quite comical.

I shall continue to serve as your loyal slave as long as those clocks keep ticking.

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i beat stuff up with my urine and fecal matter!

-1 for glitches

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That's all folks! Direct your round of applause to Big Red for the competition, he always makes sure it's a blast! ^_^ Keep me posted on the CD k?

now I can't deny that my vote contains a little bias, but it's not because the vote didn't swing my way. I blame Newgrounds for that. I just think he's a fake rapper.

however after listening to this a few times, I've gotta say that when he wasn't recycling his own disses, blatantly lying or his whole second verse, Senator John Dean went pretty hard.

The lyrical content is what matters most to me above all else in a battle, which Scuare portrayed here in a knowledgeable and genuine fashion. Thanks for showing up man. I really hope you don't get screwed out of the vote so make sure to promote this battle!

When I get my copy of the CD I'ma bump it for all my peeps and it'll be all fresh n shit knahmsayn?

V o t e $ c u a r e & W e o u t

Well played John.
@Teq: I've never had a late verse. I always take the full 3 days with my verses in order to put out the best product that i can for the CD.

I received SJD's second verse Fri night after I got off work at 10pm and was told to have it back by Sunday, Mother's Day. I told Red that I worked all day Sat and had plans with my baby's mom after work on Sunday and that if he had to DQ me then to do it. Work and showing appreciation for the mother of my child are more important to me than this competition.
I was told to get it in on Sunday night or Monday morning if I could.

Sidenote: Red, that still didn't give me any time to write, let alone record. But ok...

When I got home Sunday night, ready to write my ass off, my room mate and his friends were freaking out hallucinating on DMT so I had to take care of them. Once I got everyone calmed down I busted my ass and got my shit uploaded Monday afternoon.

Fri - Sat: 1 day == Sat - Sun: 2 days == Sun to Mon: 3 days

Then Senator had a problem with how something on the track was compressed and I don't trust him to touch anything I do so I told Red, "No, fuck that & fuck him". Dude's whiny bitch ass was the reason it took another two days to get this on.

Know the facts.


MCDefective responds:

lololol YES

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I kept meaning to send you a pic to use for this. You did a great job anyway! Amazing work, and what a great idea! Keep it up bud!

NogginmenAnimations responds:

I just ended up using your YouTube videos for reference.

This gets my vote. Amazing job!

ZaneZansorrow responds:

Thanks! :3

bwahahaaa @ the claptrap :P

I'm a hip hop philosopher from Spokane, Washington.

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