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2012-04-29 16:39:27 by Gasmasq

2012 CLABTRAP MC Knock Out

Round 2 Battles
Jakobe vs SenatorJohnDean
Flip Point vs Byron
Scuare vs Emergency
PiGPEN vs suddlenuance.
JoeyKeys vs Gasmasq
Wyze-Stingray vs B Serious
KillBillVolume2 vs Alto

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More info on the 2012 CLABTRAP Competition

CLAB 2012 Rant

2012-03-27 05:54:20 by Gasmasq

I wanna start off by saying big ups to Rav on the battle. Dude did his research and came spittin fire.

However, I've got to take a couple issues with your synopsis of me.

Before that, though:

I battle on Newgrounds for the same reason I post anything here: to learn. How better to grow than to get another person's perspective? What we intend to portray is not always what is perceived. I've put myself on blast about everything I do in the hopes of avoiding an exposure, expecting my opponents to Google me and have a lot of material for personals, thus making for a more interesting battle. Please believe, unless I know you, I'll usually do the same. ;)

For the last two years though, there has been very little researching going on in these battles so I've felt kinda weird digging into my opponents lives. I didn't do that this year, initially because we were supposed to hurry with our Pre-Round battles, then I got cocky.

Lessons Learned
>Don't post random webcam videos. (sudo killprocess: camwhore.js)
>Still can't say nig... uh... "the n word". Dammit...
>Consider the audience. Thanks Mickey
>Don't label myself. My Self is my label


>I am not, never was and will never be a gangster rapper. Period. I'm a fuckin nerd, duh?
>Any gun references I ever make are referring to verbal bullets. Vocal Gunslinger
>I haven't been able to LARP bc of work since before the Winter Battles. >_<
>I try to think of life outside the box. I'm never claimed to be Nietzche or a Buddha. Call it what you will.

Anyway, this is probably going to be my last online competition. Just so everyone knows, if we've ever battled, it's going on a mixtape. After the jump.

CLAB 2012 Rant

Video kills the radio stars

2011-08-24 17:22:17 by Gasmasq

Blame KlazikNadi / Freestyle Fridays for starting me with freewriting. Not my usual style, but definitely the best video production I've done yet.

Newgrounds Hip Hop Competition 2011 Voting

2011-04-21 23:42:54 by Gasmasq

MC Knock Out
Cynic vs MadFLeX Beat by shaggy haired
Self: The Bluest Eye vs Gasmasq Beat by YunVeroz and war-spawn

NG Sample Battle

Tag Team
Gunner-D and MickeyMao
DJ-Delinquent and Gasmasq
n1k-mUg and QSik
****eppskevin*** No MC, not eligible to win.

Sample Battle

The Shoulders of Giants

Leave a review to vote on the MC Knock Out.
To vote on the other battles:

I'm going to use Tag Team as an example here. So, to vote on the Tag Team battles what you first must do is listen to every Tag Team track. Go and read the rules for the Tag Team battle and then rank your top 3 submissions according to the rules specified. For the Tag Team you want to look at how MC's used the words, whether they pronounced and used them right, their flow, their rhymes, the content, and more. Then you want to look at the producers, how well they used their topics, and the over all quality of the track. Type up a paragraph justifying your decisions for your three top tracks. Eventually we will tally everyone's results and declare winners!

Then post your decision of the results on BigRed's newspage. As usual, keep discussions in the audio forum thread.

What Your Vote Should Look Like
Big Red's Tag Team Votes

1st - Username
Description of why Moe is so ill.
2nd - Larry
Blah blah blah
3rd - Germaine

Art Competition
A panel of judges will decide upon the winners of the art competition. Feel free to note your top three still as the judges will still read through the votes.


Newgrounds Hip Hop Competition - MC KO Round 2 - Tournament Bracket

Check out the battle tracks below, and leave a review with who you think won! For more information about the NGHH Competition check out Big Red's news page here:

QSikThe112 vs glitchs2d Beat by B-RadGfromOV
PiGPEN vs NimbusTheGeneral Beat by teddygram
Cynic vs HeIsAlive Beat by war-spawn
Gasmasq vs THEICONICICON Beat by Kamikazi1
MadFLeX vs GreenSkullKid Beat by wyze-stingray
Self: the Bluest Eye vs SteveGuzzi Beat by Gunner-D

Hazardous Materials is OUT!!

2010-11-23 21:54:10 by Gasmasq

Fuck the industry. I'm doing this shit underground and dirty. As an independent artist, I will only get better and better at writing, recording, mixing and mastering. But for now, I've got WAY too many tracks to not have a CD.
So did I clear the samples?
Am I having it registered through Neilson Soundscan?
Will I pay taxes on my sales?

What will I do?
Create my own barcode to sell my product in stores?
Easy, sure.
Market it as an album instead of a mixtape?
Who's going to know the difference?
Have it printed by the 1st of December?
UPDATE: 20 copies printed, 15 sold!

So check it out, I'm trying to get back into college, and if you want to help me do that, please consider paying the $7.50 for a digital download to help me out. If you want the real CD, more are getting pressed as I type and they're $12. Holla!

Check it out!


Hazardous Materials is OUT!!

In the booth.

2010-09-24 06:44:49 by Gasmasq

Be back soon.

Wanna make some $? Newgrounds Beat Battle!

2010-03-12 06:41:38 by Gasmasq

This is a competition open to all of Newgrounds, but mainly aimed at the Hip Hop community.
I am holding a contest to find the best beat that samples the Star Spangled Banner.
Tracks should be structured as follows:
8 bar intro
4 bar chorus
12 bar verse
8 bar chorus
16 bar verse
8 bar chorus
16 bar verse
16 bar chorus
8 bar outro
Track must be between 90 bpm and 105 bpm.
The winning author will be paid $200.00 (USD) for the exclusive rights to their submission. Payments will be made via Paypal. If this is not a viable option, payments will be made via Western Union to the winning author.
By submitting an entry, author agrees that if their entry is chosen as the winner, they forfeit all rights to the final product ONCE PAYMENT IS MADE. Winning entry must be 320 kbps and author must transmit .mp3 version and .wav master, as well as a copy of the project file (.flp, .rns, etc.)
All entries must be submitted to gasmasq(at)gmail(dot)com.
Any authors that intend on submitting an entry should post a comment below.
May the best beat win!

Silly rabbit...

2010-02-16 16:31:35 by Gasmasq

While you may think you're good in your little fairytale land, out here in the real world, nobody likes you.

1. Learn how to take criticism.
2. Stop acting like a little girl.

/* */
Also, you wear make up.


Recording Studio

2010-01-27 14:37:18 by Gasmasq

So I guess Redline Entertainment wants me to run their studio. Lord knows why... However I've got Logic Pro 9 now, so hopefully I can use it's presets to help me out.

Any advice?